Alyss: Wonderland In The Future

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In the beginning of the novel Alyss is characterized as creative,mischievous, and stubborn. “She would rather be in one of the palace towers dropping jollyjellies from an open window and watching them splat on the guards below”(Beddor 11). This proves that she is playful because dropping the jollyjellies on the guards below is very mischievous and childish.“But it’d be better if it had fur on it”(Beddor 12). During the inventors parade Alyss makes someone's mushroom parachute invention have fur on it by just thinking about it. This proves that Alyss has a very strong and powerful imagination that could help Wonderland in the future.“No I’m staying!” (Beddor 66). This proves that Alyss is stubborn because during the attack of Wonderland her
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