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Looking Glass Wars In the beginning of the novel, Alyss is characterized as ignorant, afraid, and defiant. In the text Beddor writes “ I won’t need any lessons”, Alyss said. “I’ll just imagine that I know everything and then I will so you won’t have to teach them to me” (Beddor 26). She is being ignorant by saying things that make her seem as if she does not need help in becoming Queen. Not only is she characterized as ignorant, but also as afraid, Beddor writes “ I want to stay with you.” “ I know Alyss I love you.” No! I’m staying!” Alyss threw her arms around her mother.” (Bedder 64) Alyss is afraid because she does not want to leave her mom's side, but, for her and Wonderlands sake, she has to jump into the Looking Glass with Hatter Maddigan.…show more content…
Beddor explains Alyss as being conformed by saying “You’re wearing the dress.” Mrs. Liddell said. The dress she had purchased months before but which Alyss refused to wear because she feared it would make her appear common.” (Beddor 90) Beddor is showing she is being conforming by showing she is giving up on Wonderland and becoming a functioning member of society in London. He also characterizes Alyss as irritated by writing “You’re the cruelest man I’ve ever met, Mr. Dodgson, and if you had believed a single word I told you, you’d know just how cruel that is! I never want to see you ever again! Never, never, never!” (Beddor 101) Alyss was angry with Mr. Dodgson because he was making everything Alyss tells him into a joke. Alyss becomes so angry because any time she spoke about Wonderland it was shot down by the fact of reality. She just wants someone to believe her. The author also portrays Alyss as perplexed when he writes “Do I know you?” “You knew me once.” the stranger said. He turned showing his right cheek to her, showing the four parallel scars the shone pink and ragged against his pale skin. She stopped dancing, startled. “But…?” (Beddor 127) Alyss is confused because she knows exactly who she was dancing with but at the same time she did not. Alyss could feel the person she was dancing with and that is what perplexed her as

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