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Wonderland or London? What makes Alyss who she is? She comes from Wonderland and is royalty, but starts off as a commoner in London. Alyss learns a lot from going to being the next Queen of Wonderland to being a middle class bachelorette in the 1800’s London times. In The Looking Glass Wars, Frank Beddor uses detail and imagination to portray how the author thinks Alice in Wonderland is not the true story. Frank Beddor starts the characters off with most being flat then some like Alyss become round, dynamic characters. In the beginning of the novel, Alyss is characterized as stubborn, innocent and clever. Alyss loves to be mischievous like “dropping jollyjellies from an open window and watching them splat on the…show more content…
Alyss finds herself in London by herself where she quickly realizes she must conform and be normal or be subject to the teases and whispers of London. Alyss then “gives up her so-called ridiculous antics and enter wholeheartedly into the world around her. To become just like everyone else”(Beddor 149-150). Her adoptive parents then notice how normal she is after she realizes she needed to conform. “The change was in subtler things, the tilt of her head, the particular sweep of her arms, her careful steps forwards”(Beddor 151). Fast forward several years later and now Alice is 20 years old and captivating suitors wherever she goes. She ends up charming Prince Leopold and they are engaged to be married. Alyssa has matured into a woman when she was at the masquerade ball and someone asks about her plain mask. She replies with “I am every woman, neither beautiful nor ugly, neither rich nor poor. I could be any woman at all” (Beddor 191). Alice has matured into a beautiful, charming, smart woman of her age and class. Little does Alice know, these traits will not help her defeat Redd, she will need her…show more content…
After she is in Wonderland for several days, she finally gets a hold on her imagination to put a muzzle on a cannonball imagination. Alyss then finds herself in a situation when she realizes how much Redd has taken away from her. Hatter and Dodge think all is lost but “Not everything is” said Alyss “Not if she had hope”(Beddor 248). Alyss is hopeful towards defeating Redd. She is very calm when she is going through the maze “Alyss saw it all through a watery film, and despite the mortal threat she and the Alyssians were facing, despite the uncertainty of everything, she felt almost serene as she drifted down into the Looking Glass Maze”(Beddor 299). Alyss is starting to adopt the traits of a queen, being peaceful in any situation. When Alyss is taken to the Looking Glass Maze, she meets many people from her past such as her parents, her younger self and Redd. However, when Alyss comes out of the maze, “she was surprised to see it in her palm, but an Intended never leaves the maze with less that what she entered,although hopefully, as in Alyss’ case, she left with much more”(Beddor 316). Alyss left the Looking Glass Maze with her imagination and a better view of her world. Will Alyss have enough to defeat Redd? Will the Alyssians be ready to give their all for the true

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