How Does Alyss Change In The Looking Glass Wars

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Why did the author always change Alyss in The Looking Glass Wars? The author will have conflicts, characters, and etc to change Alyss. This book is always changing Alyss and will it change people in the book who she is around? The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor shows how Alyss is confused and how people see her how she is confused. The character Alyss demonstrate the theme of how she is not ready to be queen and will become queen in future time. In the beginning of the novel, Alyss is characterized as childish, creative, and powerful. “King Nolan thought his daughter a delightful creature”(Beddor 19). Alyss is powerful she the most powerful imagination ever seen in Wonderland. Alyss is childish with her friend Dodge dropping jellybeans…show more content…
“You’re wearing the dress,” Mrs. Liddell said (Beddor 151). The dress she had purchased months before, but which Alyss had always refused to wear because she feared it would make her appear common. Alyss is changing to be a normal person. No more. Erase it all. I will no longer be Odd Alice. Odd Alice must die. Yes it was a solution. She wants to be different because Dodgson made a book that made her upset. “I accept Leopold” (Beddor 171). Leopold is asking Alyss’s hand in marriage. Alyss is now becoming a mature and smart young woman. She was a thoughtful young well read young with opinions on a variety of topics such as the responsibility that came with Britain's military power, the nature of commerce and industry under a monarchy, how to care for the poor and neglected, the sensationalist tendencies of the Fleet Street papers, and the convolutions of the legal system as exposed by the eminent author Charles Dickens. “Then I’ll arrange it” (Beddor 183). The generals did not mention their plan to overthrow Redd. The Alyssians plan to have Redd overthrown from being in charge of Wonderland and have someone else in charge of Wonderland. The Alyssians also know Alyss is their last hope to rightful queen of
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