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Joseph Goertzen Kelly Clasen EN100 25 September 2015 Tale of Two Worlds Throughout Shakespeare’s tragic plays, Hamlet and Macbeth, there are many points that are similar, along with many differences. Both of these often use strange incidents to peak the reader’s interest, and the main character of plays are usually “heros” that have flaws that result in bad endings for themselves. There are many different comparative and contrasting points in these plays. In the opening of Hamlet the ghost of his father shows up and approaches Hamlet. Similarly, the opening of Macbeth involves three witches, even though the witches c1an be seen by anyone, the ghost of King Hamlet is only seen by Hamlet himself. Similarly, both of the main characters are curious of the powers these mystical figures could have, as the witches use their powers to tell Macbeth the future, the ghost of…show more content…
In Hamlet, if Hamlet had not seen the ghost of his father, he wouldn’t of known that his uncle killed his own father to claim the throne instead of letting Hamlet take control. In both plays the characters gave into the nagging of the beliefs of the supernatural encounters, hence they lost their lives. Both have a main character that is suppose to be the king of that country. In Hamlet, Claudius, the King of Denmark, is directly related to Hamlet. He is his uncle, and his mother’s new husband. Now, in Macbeth, King Duncan who is not directly related to the main character. However in Both plays Shakespeare has the main character killing off the king in order to acquire the throne, which ultimately results in there own death. In both stories the friends of the main characters do not take the supernatural characters as seriously as the main characters did. In the scene where Hamlet along with Horatio witness the ghost, In this scene Horatio tries to convince Hamlet to not go with the familiar

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