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Alyss to Alice: The Journey of a Young Girl to Her Rightful Place as Queen. Why do people have a purpose? Everyone has a purpose. Often the path to finding someone’s purpose in life is full of twists and turns. The main character, Alyss, had a big purpose in her life to fill. Frank Beddor, the author of The Looking Glass Wars intrigues the reader to learn more about Alyss’s life. In the book he uses suspense to carry the reader through Alyss’s journey to self discovery. In the beginning of the novel, Alyss is characterized as immature, conflicted, and rebellious. She used her childish imagination in immature ways. For example, at one point she was watching the inventors parade and she commented“ It’s pretty good, I suppose, but it’d…show more content…
She started out doubting that magic ever existed in Wonderland until she heard music and commented “‘ Where is that music coming from? she asked. The lilies sang louder and she saw them swaying happily on their stems, petals opening and closing in song. But flowers have no larynxes’”(210). She would not let herself believe that magic exist because of what happened when both of her parents were killed by her evil Aunt Redd using magic. Alyss then decided to change her attitude, and she chose to defeat Redd and rule Wonderland because they needed a trustworthy ruler. First she had to go through the looking glass maze to get the white heart scepter which would make her queen. While going through the maze there were many obstacles along the way. One example is when she imagined muzzlers around the spider's pincers right before it was about to bite Dodge in the stomach. Alyss got so excited about saving Dodge’s life and imagining those mufflers that she looked at Bibwit Harte and said “‘ Did you see that? Alyss cried, holding on to her tutor’s back. I imagined that!’”(144). Alyss then knew that she could use her imagination again, and she knew there was no stopping her this time. She continued on into the maze and she met up with her evil Aunt Redd. Redd made Alyss decide between her life or her friends lives. She chose to sacrifice herself after deciding that “‘ if, by sacrificing herself, she could secure for them the promise of longer lives, didn’t duty demand her sacrifice?’” (314). Ultimately Alyss’s journey led her to her rightful place as queen of

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