Alyss Wonderland Analysis

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In the beginning of the novel, Alyss is characterized as childish, creative, and powerful. “King Nolan thought his daughter a delightful creature”(Beddor 19). Alyss is powerful she the most powerful imagination ever seen in Wonderland. Alyss is childish with her friend Dodge dropping jellybeans on palace guardsmen(Beddor 11). King Nolan is just saying that her daughter is different from everybody. He thinks that people will love her of just being herself. Alyss is creative when an empty pair of King’s Nolan boots boots floated out of the room (Beddor 15). “Redd is growing more powerful and Genevieve was no longer that her military could stop her” (Beddor 13). Later the queendom would come under attack and it would require all of Alyss’ powers

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