Queen Of Wonderland: Married Woman Or Future Queen?

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Married woman or Future Queen? How do life changing experiences change people throughout time? People write stories where characters go from one personality to a whole new one, then back again. This keeps the reader interested and wondering what the outcome will be. This is what happened with Alyss Heart, Princess and future Queen of Wonderland. She changes throughout the story, some for the better and some for the worst. In the first part, Alyss is immature and likes to play jokes on people. “Alice would much rather be dropping jolly jellies onto the guards below.” (Beddor 3) This is an example of how Alyss would rather be pulling harmless pranks than working on queen duties and learning to take the role seriously. She is portrayed…show more content…
Only one problem, she refused to believe in Wonderland. “It was as if she’d entered a comforting dream…”This isn’t real,” she said. “I shouldn’t remember so vividly what’s not suppose to exist. And you- all of this- can’t exist.’” (Beddor 212) She takes refuge at the Alyssian headquarters while they bring her up to date on everything that has happened. She must defeat Redd in order to save Wonderland, but before they battle, she must go through The Looking Glass Maze. It is a maze that every queen has to go through to access their full potential. Everyone, except Redd, who did not bother to go through the maze at all. Alyss’s imagination had been failing her ever since that first month in the other world, and it certainly wasn’t working now either. “It’s unconscious to will something into being. The willing of it must be so deep down that no self-doubt is possible. The imaginative power itself must be a given, a thing already proven that cannot be disbelieved.” (Beddor 271) Alyss thinks this while her and the Alyssians are on their way to see the Caterpillars. They are giant caterpillars who can see the future, and only they know where the Looking Glass Maze is. When they get there, the Caterpillars tell her to return to Wondertropolis to find the key to the maze. When they arrive there, they meet a thirteen year old halfer - half civilian, half milinery- girl named Homburg Molly. She helped them find the key and Alyss finally was in the maze. It showed her her parents, memories from the other world, even her younger self! It also showed her death and love, the future and past, not specifying why. She was softened with sadness and tempted with anger. After fighting off multiple Hatters and deciding to sacrifice herself so her friends could live, she was pulled out of the maze and back into reality. She reappeared with a white heart scepter

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