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How would you describe LinkedIn's generic strategy and why? In reference to LinkedIn’s vision, LinkedIn has always practiced differentiation generic strategy since December 2002. LinkedIn clearly explained how they consistently reinforce the foundations of its differentiation advantage through their vision. Because of that, it managed to create a brand name and in 2008, LinkedIn was known as the largest PNS in the world where, it had succeeded in drawing user’s attention from an estimated 170 industries. LinkedIn’s vision was to be a leader in business networking. To achieve this, first of all, LinkedIn wanted to remain strongly differentiated category from the SNS. Compared to a social network service (SNS), a personal online community that…show more content…
A PNS primarily associated with the professional network with other users. Exhibit 3 shows that newspaper such as Wall Street Journal and television channels such as CNBC and Bloomberg frequently featured in LinkedIn compared to another massive Web 2.0 such Facebook, Tagged and etc. Other than personal-professional comparison, LinkedIn also base its competitive advantage on the high quality of its user because everything involves in a professional network even when it is smaller than Facebook in size. This gave LinkedIn an advantage of having the quality that any professional leader would want in a business world. In addition, Nye believed that corporations would support LinkedIn’s PNS model because LinkedIn’s focus on productivity and professional that soon would benefit these corporations, for instance, using LinkedIn to get…show more content…
Factor endowments: high revenue stream allows them to improving their growth. Not only that, LinkedIn also had established almost 23 million for its service from 2008 till 2008 and it kept increasing. Demand conditions: Those who are lloking for professional newtworking are highly demanded LinkedIn. Related and supporting industries: Assuming they choose to go international, what international strategy would you recommend and why? I would recommend to use a multidomestic strategy. According to a multidomestic strategy, the firm put an emphasis on differentiation its product and service offerings to adapt to local markets. This strategy takes on various factors that need to be considered such as differences in language, culture, income levels and more. This strategy emphasizes in the pressure for local adaptation is high and the pressure for lowering cost is low. Decisions tend to be decentralized to permit the firm to tailor its products and respond rapidly to changes in demand. enables firm to expand its market and to charge different prices in different markets. Advtanges: ability to adapt products and services to local market conditions. ability to detect potential opportunities for attractive niches in a given market, enhancing

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