The Importance Of Social Network

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The social network is one of the interesting and important websites for communication tools between the people or organizations. It is first launched in 1997, and mostly commonly used more than the personal email. It allows the participants to construct profile in the sites. In addition, it also attracts the researches to help them in their study. It establishes the relationship between millions of people, friends and family through the online applications; they can share a lot of data, ideas, videos, images, messages and comments. It can be used with the laptop or mobile tablet and others. This social network issued in the past years and has the advantage of making many friends, groups, facilitate business, as there is no traffic or efforts,…show more content…
It also helps the students to get or share more knowledge and ideas. Others consider it the main source of news. Around 40 % of the population in Arab countries using the social network. UAE ranked the second country in the world to be a membership in the social network (46 %). Examples of social network: Facebook: This is the biggest and best social media network on the Internet, with more than billion using it monthly it was launched in 2004. It allows interactions between the individuals, organization, writing comments, share information There is profile setting, upload of photos, videos. UAE is ranked the second one among the Arab countries for using Facebook (60 %). Twitter: It is issued in 2006 with more than 300 million using it on monthly basis and has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. LinkedIn: It is launched in 2003, and used most commonly for professional work, searching or apply to work and business. There are about 500 million registered users in two hundred countries. Google+: It is launched in 2011 mostly used for business, around 400 million…show more content…
Measuring the network: 1-Connectivity: Indirect connection: the person can do relation with another one if there is a path connected between them. 2- Distance: represented by the number of the relation 3- Centrality: location in the network, the importance can be measured according to the degree (lines number), closeness and in-between • Degree: more lines means most important • Closeness: it is the inverse of the distance between of the actor and the other one, the actor is important if he/she is close to the others. • Betweenness: the person is important if he lies on the path of communications and can control it. Types of social network analysis: Sociocentric: it means large groups of individuals with the different pattern of relation. All social networks create one network. All lines between all nodes Egocentric: it is a local network related to the person, one node (ego) and there are many nodes connected to, so all lines come from one node it shows the effects on the individual, and type of relation. The person can be asked about the contacts that interact with them and the relationship. It can assess the quality of the

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