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Social media technology involves the creation and dissemination of content through social networks Using the Internet. The differences between traditional and social media are defined by the level of interaction and interactivity available to the consumer. Use of social media has created highly effective communication platforms where any user, virtually anywhere in the world, can freely create content and disseminate this information in real time to a global audience ranging in size from a handful to literally millions—in less time than it takes to read this report. There are many types of social media tools but the common link among all forms is that the content is supplied and managed by individual users who leverage the tools and platforms…show more content…
Example: STARBUCKS A very good example is of Starbucks, and how it used social media to build a meaningful customer engagement. Starbucks' ability to engage community and foster customer loyalty is nearly unmatched. Starbucks' marketing efforts focus less on traditional marketing and more on giving texture to the brand in fun, engaging formats: • Fully engage the community Last year Starbucks took advantage of April Fool's Day by announcing that it had cracked the code for delivering fresh, hot brewed coffee through the internet tubes and a USB plug-and-pour device. At Starbucks, social media is not a separate and distinct entity. Various departments collaborate online and offline to develop and implement plans designed to fully engage the community. Starbucks believes you need to focus where customers start so people know where to find you on various social media venues. As a result, all of the company's vanity URLs contain the brand name "Starbucks" (,,, and so…show more content…
1 in social media is to be genuine and transparent, so this precept is not breaking any new ground. What is crucial here specifically for Starbucks is that they remain true to the brand--they started with a coffeehouse culture, so the social media team is expected to be coffeehouse-like when engaging through social media. • Detect trends and opportunities early To see what's going on with your brand in real time, plug in to Twitter, says Starbucks' digital media team, where things tend to go viral fastest. Real-time monitoring increases your response time to what people are saying about your brand, negative or positive. In addition, it provides early notice of any opportunities that arise--any given second, any given day. Headline findings from the the 4th annual Online Customer Engagement Report published by Econsultancy and cScape show how the presence of companies on social networks has almost doubled from 23% to 44% since last year, and how the use of Twitter to boost customer engagement has gone up five-fold from 7% to

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