Characteristics Of Guerrilla Marketing

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Guerrilla Marketing is about achieving conventional goals using unconventional means. It is an advertisement strategy for the promotion of the goods and services of a business with less expensive methods. Instead of spending large amount in traditional means guerrilla use cost-efficient, innovative and creative strategies. The new tools of guerrilla marketing are through social media. Social media is a platform for marketers to market their products and create content and meaningful conversations online. This includes blogs, photo-sharing sites, video sharing sites, social network, audio podcasts and internet radio shows a wide selection of mobile social sharing and communications tool. THE TEN PERSONALITY TRAITS OF A GUERRILLA SOCIAL MEDIA…show more content…
THE ABILITY TO SPRINT: Guerrillas are ready to explore even if there is a small opportunity. The success mantra is being at the right place at the right time. 4. THE ABILITY TO RUN MARATHONS: Guerrillas looks for a plan that goes beyond months, frequency and adding values will win hearts. Focus on what work is profitable 5. TRANSPARENT: Guerrillas builds trust and loyalty towards customers by transparency. 6. COMMUNITY FOCUSED: A Guerrilla builds and connects the communities. Social media is all about contributions from communities. Guerrillas understands the community needs and focus and do accordingly. 7. PROFIT DRIVEN: Guerrilla marketing measures their profit not by clicks or visitors its purely based on the profit itself. 8. TECH HUNGRY: guerrilla social media marketer’s is largely dependent on technology. So understanding the technology and all of its applications pays a better way of development. 9. SELF-DEVELOPER: Guerrillas knows that technology is developing and moving faster day by day so they need to cope up with that level. Therefore a constant learning and understanding of trends is very much needed in this…show more content…
YOUTUBE: YouTube has several hundred million viewers per day and you can record a video and upload the digital file to the site and you can show ads on YouTube . 2. NICHE AND SPECIALTY NETWORKS: There are many niche video-sharing networks on the web. It is easier to find and target certain types of prospects and markets. If you are targeting international markets you will need to look at uploading video in local language sites. REAL-TIME SOCIAL MEDIA This is the future of social media marketing like live video broadcasting with audience interaction. 1. SKYPE: it allows you to video chat for free with anyone else who has a Skype account . Skype allows you to make free or almost free calls to anyone on the planet. Additional built in features are chat, group chat, conference calling etc. 2. WEBCASTS AND WEB CONFERENCING: Webinars are fantastic tools to engage and educate prospects and client base. 3. SCREENCASTING: This technology allows you to capture whatever you are displaying on your computer screen. It allows you to create videos of software demonstrations and even integrate other videos and effects into

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