Essay On Sexual Orientation

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SEXUAL ORIENTAION AND LIBERTY Sexual orientation is a term frequently used to describe a person’s emotional or sexual at-traction towards other person. A person who is attracted towards the other person of the same sex is generally referred as homosexuals (lesbians or gay). Person attracted to oppo-site sex are said to be homosexuals. Individuals who are attracted towards both men and women are said to be bisexuals. Sexual orientation can also be talked in term of LGBT. LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexuals and Transgender. The other category is trans-gender. Transgender is the state of one’s gender identity or gender expression not match-ing one’s assigned sex. A person who is actually a male and perceives male organs but doesn’t feels like a male wants to become a female and takes medical steps to become female is therefore be known as transgender. Transgender can be homosexual,…show more content…
Intersexes are the people who cannot be identified as male or female because of some genital ambiguity. The medical term used for them is hermaphrodites. They are treated different in every culture. They are often humiliated discriminated by others. Mumbai based community The Humsafar Trust esti-mated that population of Hijras are between 5-6 millions in India. In India the conditions of the intersex are not good, they are not respected and are treated inferior by other het-erosexual people. There have been cases when parents give their child to Hijras so that they don’t have to face any humiliation from the society. The work of these Hijras has been defined by our society i.e. singing, dancing and giving blessings in other peoples celebration. They are not provided any employment by anyone. Our inacceptance of such people was revealed once again in 2006 when Indian athlete Santhi Soundarajan .failed the gender verification test at the 2006 Asian games leading to her being publicly ostra-cized and subsequently attempting
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