The Symbol Of Hope In Jannette Castle's The Glass Castle

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That hope for a better tomorrow is what inspires people to keep going. And for Jannette Walls it was that hope that kept pushing her forward. The Glass Castle is a memoir written by Jannette Walls about her childhood. Walls did not grow up alike many other people; her family moved around a lot, her parents couldn’t hold a steady job, and they had close to no money. But in spite of her rough upbringing, Jannette believes that she is luckier than others; and for one reason only, her parents taught her and her siblings to be dreamers. The Glass Castle was an idea of a mansion that Jannette’s father, Rex, would make for his family. He always said that once he finds gold then they can start on the Glass Castle. They never got to that Glass Castle, for a number or reasons, but mainly because Rex was an alcoholic. But that Glass Castle, Walls said, was one of the best lessons that her parents could have taught her. It taught her that hope for…show more content…
This idea is very important for the people of today because it reminds them to stay motivated and to keep moving even when times are hard. The Glass Castle, the book and the symbolism, teaches them to never give up and to always stay strong. But also, it proves the point that no matter how you were raised life is hard, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be successful and happy. The Glass Castle symbolism it is very important in and throughout this book. Walls wrote this book with the hope that she could inspire some kids going through what she had when growing up. She wanted to show them that it will be okay in the end, and to always have hope. She also hoped that she will show some of the “rich” people that just because someone is dirty or smelly does not mean that they are bad people and deserve to be bullied and hurt. In all, this book is a very inspiring and moving book; it should be read by everyone to give

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