Advantages Of Hybrid Electric Vehicle

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ABSTRACT A huge inrush of Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) is intended in the future. As a new generation of transport, electric vehicles have several advantages compared with traditional vehicle in the aspects of energy conservation and emissions reduction and reducing human dependence on traditional fossil fuel. As increase in Electric Vehicle (EV) around the world, making EVs user friendly becomes more important. The main challenge in usage of HEV is the charging time required for the batteries used in HEV, lack of charging stations and therefore charging within existing distribution system infrastructure. To provide a reliable journey for vehicles this system is proposed. This is a mobile information system for EV and it is aimed at giving…show more content…
[2]. Connection to the electric power grid allows opportunities such as supplementary services, reactive power support, trailing the output of renewable energy sources, and load balance. The important issue about EV charging is to install an efficient smart grid network that can effectively and conveniently charge the EVs. The secondary batteries are the main sources of electric vehicles. Thus, the energy management and the battery capacity plays a vital role in the development of hybrid electric vehicles (HEV). [3] The main challenge in the HEV is the charging time required for the batteries and insufficiency of charging stations (CS). [4] The second challenge for the EV’s is their battery capacity which ranges from 8.6KWh to 15.2KWh. The consequent disadvantage is that the charging time for above mentioned size, in a level 1 household charger (120V, 50Hz, 15-20A) is more than 15 hours. [5] In future, the number of electric vehicles will be increasing to a greater extent, these electric vehicles have to re-charge their batteries in a place (i.e.) charging station, so there will be a growing need of public accessing charging stations. [6]…show more content…
It proposes the charging stations which are covering the limit.CSS establishes the communication with other vehicles to determine the road traffic and predicts the approximate time and charge remaining, until a specific charging station is reached. In case of heavy traffic an alternate route is suggested to the nearest charging station. The driver can choose the charging type and blocks a slot considering least waiting time. The CSS uses mobile network to communicate with the vehicle and CSs. It also proposes the current metering scheme at particular CS and compares with other CS price. It also can be done through a demand based metering system where EVs will be charged according to peak time and peak

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