Persuasive Essay On Hybrid Cars

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In 2013 the us has sold 547,097 Hybrid vehicles, and 15.6 million normal gasoline powered vehicles. If we want to save resources, and the earth we need to sell more hybrid cars. This is a topic widely known, but not to many people seem to do anything about it. Smog is already a huge problem in california. Pollution is so horrible now days that just from breathing the air outside you're more likely to get lung cancer. Hybrid cars use very little fuel. ¨Hybrids use two powertrains--in the U.S, that's generally a gasoline engine and electric motors.¨(Turpen)So not only are you saving oil, with were about 35 years away from being out of, you will also be saving the cash in your wallet. Also buy needing less oil, we will reduce the dependence on foreign oil companies. Hybrid cars have another very big advantage. less fuel in, means less fuel out. meaning hybrid cars have very little pollution. ¨most provide you with displays showing just how much power you're using, turning gas-saving into a videogame-style challenge.¨If these type of cars were around in the 1980’s, and everyone used them, we would not have ozone problems like we have today. Smog in places like california would be non existent.…show more content…
Not only do they have the luxuries as normal cars. Things like heated seats, and a nice stereo, beaten cup holders, and even back seats that can but put up and down with the push of a button. ¨Look a little harder, and you'll note everything from sporty, manual transmission hybrid coupes like the Honda CR-Z, through luxury SUVs like the Lexus RX 450h, to hybrid-assisted trucks like the Chevy Silverado Hybrid. There really is a hybrid out there for just about everyone.¨(Ingram) But they get even smarter than that, hybrid can even turn themselves off when at a stop light to save gas, and reduced engine wear. Also just buy doing this, hybrids also don't need their oil changed as much as gasoline cars and trucks

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