Diana Princess Of Wales Case Study

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Diana princess of Wales was born in the first of July 1961 in England. She joined the royal family when they announced her marriage to Prince Charles in 1981. But their marriage didn’t last long, due to the problems that happened between them and led to the divorce. Princess of Wales died in 1997 in age at 36 years old by fatal car accident with her boyfriend Dody Al-Fayed in Paris. The death of Princess Diana left a large impact around the world, and which has remained so far. Most people said that the accident was actually a murder, that because they thought it might plan secretly by her government and as a result of the several questions that revolved around it.…show more content…
And we can't ignore the new boyfriend of the Princess, Dody Al-Fayed, who was the son of the Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed. When the accident occurred on the night of August 31, Diana was with Dody in Paris. The royal family was disturbed by the princess new relationship, and that was for many reasons; first they didn’t want the royal blood to be tainted, especially that Dodi was a Muslim, and the rumors said that Diana was pregnant with Dody's son. In addition, Diana was a popular woman and had a lot of activities in her society and all over the world, which could make her reputation better than the royal family, so the only solution was to get rid of the Princess. Another theory condemned Prince Charles, who was in a relationship with another woman called Camilla Parker, and that was one of the divorce causes. Charles was planning to marry Camilla, but first he wanted Diana out of the picture. In fact, even though they had divorced, ''the queen of hearts'' as they were called her still in the picture. And their divorce made her more popular, she was interviewed

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