Compare And Contrast Electric Cars And Hybrid Cars

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Introduction: In the last decade, there was a great concern of the pollution caused by the fueled cars emissions and most people agree with that new alternatives must be used. Electric cars and Hybrid cars are the best-known alternatives, but the question is: which one is the best and more efficient. This report will talk about Electric and Hybrid cars in history, composition, comparison, and the future of cars, showing that the electric cars will be the future cars. 1- History: The Electric car wasn't invented by a specific inventor; however, it was a result of a series of discoveries that began in the 1800s. In the beginning of that century, inventors in USA, Hungary, and the Netherlands started playing the idea of battery powered cars and made the first small-scale electric car, after few years the first modest electric…show more content…
While, the hybrid needs more maintenance for the engine similar but less than the conventional cars. However, the electric motor and the battery need some checks. 3.4- Advantages and disadvantages: Both cars are known to be a good eco-friendly or in other words green cars, but every car has some advantages and disadvantage. Electric and hybrid are quiet and smooth cars, especially the electric, because it has only an electric motor which nearly make no sound. Harmful emissions are reduced in the hybrid. However, the electric car release almost zero emissions. One of the affective drawbacks for electric vehicles is the recharging, which take long time. While most hybrid cars do not require charging because it is automatically charges while using it, thanks to the regenerative braking that charge the battery while slowing down. Despite being eco-friendly, there a major concern about the increase in disposal and the more needed recycling of the

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