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With gas prices over $ 4 / gallon now a lot of people rush to buy a Prius. 2008 Toyota Prius gets around 45 miles per gallon on highways and streets - almost two times more than the average American car (which gets about 24 mpg). That is a big difference in fuel consumption. Only one gas, the cost of clean vehicles. Depreciation, maintenance, repairs and insurance included sense to get a Prius? gas savings If you currently drive a gas guzzler, it may be wise to get a Toyota Prius. However, if you drive a fuel efficient car as a small or mid-size sedan, may be less useful to make the Prius - you'll save money on gasoline less. People who can drive a bigger car feel to their advantage to drive a fuel efficient car. What do you do for your car?…show more content…
If you travel long distances every day in traffic jams - it really makes sense to get a Prius. However, if you use your car to bring it - and potentially large families - Prius is too small and too little power to meet your needs. How is your new car? Do you have the energy you buy a car two years ago? If you have a really old car - 10 years, as long as it's not an SUV, you can also enjoy a ride in the dust - because he does not lose much value. If so - it is a good buy. If you are looking to save money, but to have a new SUV, it makes more sense to keep your car for a little longer for you. To Dump Prius However, if you have an old car, it makes sense to have a Prius - if it does not receive the fuel economy is excellent. 2008 Toyota Prius Specifications * 108 hp (combined gasoline and

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