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Introduction Hybrid vehicle is a vehicle that uses two or more different types of propulsion power. Examples are a submarine that uses diesel engine when it surfaces and batteries when it is submerged under water, hybrid electric cars that uses internal combustion engine (ICE) and electric motor and diesel-electric train that utilize diesel engines together with electricity coming from the overhead lines. There are two types of hybrid vehicle which are Two-wheeled and cycle-type vehicles and Heavy vehicles. Two-wheeled and cycle-type vehicles are simplest form of hybrid vehicles that is powered by an ICE or electric motor combine with the human muscle, examples are mopeds and electric kick scooters. Types of two-wheeled and cycle-type vehicles…show more content…
Moreover the recycling of these lead-acid batteries is not done right by neither the battery manufacturers nor the car manufacturers, in the meantime hybrid vehicles manufacturers have developed multiple recycling programs for their nickel metal hydrate (NiHM) batteries. NiHM Batteries In my opinion the growth and innovation of hybrid vehicle technology is exponential this past few year where better electric motor are being developed to be more efficient and vehicles are getting less dependent on gasoline and run with a low emission which in turn is more environmental friendly. Even though the cost of buy a hybrid vehicle is expensive but in return u get a vehicle with a better millage and more environmental friendly then your traditional gasoline or diesel vehicle. Implementation There are a few governments such as India which has announced to bear up to 60% of the research and development cost of hybrid vehicle with a aim to reduce pollution and introduce hybrid vehicle as another option instead of the already existing gasoline and diesel base vehicle. At the same time the American government just $2.4billion worth of grant to many manufacture to help in the research of batteries, engines and charging

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