Electric Cars Disadvantages

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2. Executive summary The purpose of this report is to document research conducted at The Hague University of Applied Sciences on the topic of electric cars because of the new technical innovations that take place every day and the constant information around us about preserving the environment. The central question of this research is „why is the number of electric cars in Europe still limited?“ In order to answer this question , different desk research methods were chosen as in statistics, blogs, books, and articles. Information was gathered and analyzed on advantages and disadvantages of electric cars, also about alternative choices such as petrol-fueled car. The research showed that there are many reasons why the number of electric cars…show more content…
In addition to recycling, buying less and planting trees, human nature has also come up with a development in transport: using electricity in cars instead of fuel. Electric vehicles and hybrids keep gaining popularity as being the “most promising road transportation solutions to both the global energy crisis and the increasingly stringent requirements related to environmental protection“ (Khajepour et al. 2014). In addition, what attracts people is that “unlike gasoline vehicles, electric vehicles were without the engine-related vibration, smell, and noise” (Khajepour et al. 2014). Nevertheless, even though there is constant information about how many advantages electric vehicles have, they're not very common on the streets to see. Therefore, the purpose of this research was to find out the factors that influence the popularity of electric cars in Europe. As such, the central question of this research is: Why is the number of electric cars still limited in Europe? This research question was further divided into relevant sub-questions, such as: what are the advantages and disadvantages of electric cars? Are there different variations of electric…show more content…
In addition, there should be more surveys and experiments to find out more about what properties people want their car to have and then improve the models based on the results. Companies should find ways like alternative batteries, to make electric vehicles more affordable. In addition, “driving ranges have to be enlarged and electricity suppliers will need to redesign the power grid around new charging stations and schedule their provisioning around the clock” (Hess et al. 2012). Furthermore, charging points should be improved in their structure to reduce the charging time, as well as made more easily and widely available. Companies have already started to create “fast charging systems [that are] capable to charge a battery from 0% to 50% in a few minutes are being developed” (Hess et al. 2012). In addition, as recommended by the European Environment Agency, “a dense charging infrastructure is needed in public spaces to permit frequent recharging during idle hours” (“The electric car”,

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