Lean Manufacturing Analysis

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DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF LEAN MANUFACTURING SYSTEM IN DIFFUSER HOUSING ABSTRACT Every organisation aims to produce high quality goods and services to satisfy customer needs. In a production process, man machines, material, plant, services and methods are the input feeds, and the outputs are goods and services. At present almost all organizations are reducing prices to gain more profit by reducing quality, but this practice will not hold for a long run, so in order to study on productivity improvements the output will increase marginally with no increase in the input. The aim of this analysis is to systematically find out the ability of an employee or any other resources in performing this task. The actual performance can be compared…show more content…
In the process, the value-¬added time is also reduced. In lean manufacturing, a cell consists of a close arrangement of the people, machines, or workstations in a processing sequence. In fact, the ultimate aim of lean manufacturing is to apply the ideal of one ¬piece flow, from product design to launch, order taking, and physical production. Lean manufacturing techniques are based on the application of five principles to guide management's action towards success. The key to lean manufacturing is to compress time and thus improving process by continuous improvement. These wastes increase cost while adding no value from the customer’s perspective. They also extend the period of Return On Investment (ROI) and help to demoralize energetic workers. A survey was carried to know about the lean techniques that have been used to verify the relevant theories as a knowledge base and help the reader to understand the relevant concepts and theories, in term of lean principles and techniques. These cover themes of lean manufacturing that are widely used in different…show more content…
VSM tool has been applied for a small company as it is a powerful tool to identify the inefficiencies and improvement areas (Chandra deep Grewal 2008). value stream mapping is depcited that it is used as a lean tool in a particular case study. The paper focuses on simulation model that are used in construction material to enhance the lean principles and have depicted effectively about the lead time reduction (Bhim singh et.al 2011). value stream mapping has effectively described in this paper about the ways to reduce the non-value added activity in the company (Jayaganthan 2014). In this paper it suggests the use of value stream mapping to reduce the lead time and to meet the customer demand on time and different lean techniques associated with it. (Karthikeyan Iyer 2006). A literature survey has been emphasized on the energy utilization in a small scale and medium scale industry by the application of value stream mapping tool (Keskin

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