Cause And Effect Essay On Climate Change

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One of the biggest issues that humanity has to face is climate change. This essay will cover an issue which affects climate change and a solution for this problem. Climate change is the rate of weather in a country or region over the years. “Climate change refers to a broad range of global phenomena created predominantly by burning fossil fuels, which add heat-trapping gases to Earth’s atmosphere” (Nasa). Climate change has a lot of negative impacts on communities and ecosystems. Some examples of this are: it will affect the water resources all around the world. The forests also are affected by climate changes. These are only some of the many impacts that climate change has. Problem There are many problems in the world which have an effect on climate change. The issue that will be discussed is all the fuels and gases that are emitted by cars. The emission produced by cars is one of the mayor aspects affecting climate change. There is a lot of car pollution due to the many cars being used all the time by many people all around the world. Many of the cars emit gases, which harm the atmosphere, increasing the rate of climate change. These emissions bring quite a lot of aspects which are being affected. For example, the temperature rises, due to the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is the process of trapping the sun’s energy/ warmth in Earth. This causes the warmth to stay within the atmosphere, thus the heat staying…show more content…
Solution Since climate change is an important issue in our day-to day lives, it is very important that we find and try and benefit from possible solutions to reduce the rate of global warming. There exists many possible solutions to help deal with car emissions. One of the solutions that is being implanted more nowadays, is the building of hybrid cars and allowing more people to drive them. This will decrease the amount of fuels and gases being emitted by cars, into the
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