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Wall planking is a great method of adding imagery, color, texture and architectural features to any room in the house. It’s also an easy DIY project. The hardest part of the project s deciding the type of wall planking material that works best for accenting a room. Choose between woods or engineered products using laminates and vinyl. You can craft wall designs using horizontal, vertical or diagonal planks. With a little imagination you can change a room’s ambiance by using decorative three-dimensional mosaic planks. Types of Wall Planking You have a choice between aged planks for a rustic look, traditional wood tones or modern patterns. Depending on your selection of the plank material you will need to apply adhesive to the back, nail it into place or use the pre-attached sticking tape. If you’re feeling creative, there’s an adhesive sheet that’s applied to the back of…show more content…
For existing wall surfaces with molding, consider using thinner planks. If the wall has a window or door built into it, thinner planks are easier to work. You can choose from single horizontal planks or tongue and groove that lock together. Tools It’s exciting to start and finish a project. Following the rules and taking a few precautions ensures the job get done. Be sure to wear the proper clothing and gear; gloves, facial mask, and protective eye goggles. Having the right tools is essential to any project, no shortcuts or substituting tools. Good tools are worth the time and investment, while ensuring the quality and accuracy of your work. If you’re using power drills or saw, turn the equipment off before changing blades. Always cut away from you when using a saw. Use the guide, running the blade along the edge of it. It keeps the line cut straight and your fingers attached. Ladders are for climbing not leaning – that’s an accident waiting to happen. •

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