A Case Study: Adult Learning In The Workplace

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Learning in the Workplace Abstract Adult learning in the workplace brings a fundamental contribution to lifelong learning strategies in Singapore. For lifelong learning to become a reality for all, regardless of age and qualification levels, workplaces have become primary place of learning. There has been emerging research (Eraut, 2007; Billett 2002, 2004, 2009; Fuller & Unwin, 2004) evidencing the effectiveness of workplace as a learning alternatives. This case study is based on my experience while working in Marina Bay Sands as Training and Quality manager for front office department. This paper presents the practice based learning and workplace pedagogies that enhance my learning experiences while performing at work. Working in Marina Bay…show more content…
In Bandura (1977)’s social learning theory, he acknowledged that learning could occur through the process of observation. It was illustrated in his bobo doll experiment. There are four key cognitive processes at work during observational learning- Attention, Retention, Production and Motivation. Bandura (1986) suggested that an individual cognitive process such as attention to the behaviour and retention of the behaviours was necessary for the learner to reproduce those behaviours. Bandura also mentioned that motivation was essential for the learnt reproduction of the behaviour. He positioned reinforcement as a motivator for the individual to display what they had learnt. For instance, before I attempt to do something new, it is best if I can observe how others do it. While watching it, I will relate it with my existing knowledge on similar tasks. After each observation, it allows me to process it before I confidently demonstrate the task myself. Some examples of observational learning through in my workplace…show more content…
We learn how to talk, how to act, how to relate to others and therefore ultimately, how to be through engagement and participation (Lave & Wenger, 1991). I learn how to rearrange the data for towards the managers’ preferences, tactfully say “no” and deal with the irrelevant comments at times. Access to diverse activities, experiences, expertise and resources are important in learning how to be (Billett, 2011). Suggestions from senior managers and co-workers also gave me a deeper understanding and provided me with many

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