The Importance Of Sports In Education

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Since the ancient times, sport has been crucial to promoting social education and it has also occupied an important place in society. Sport, in fact, teaches skills like accepting orders, leadership, teamwork and socialization; so for the ancient Greeks it was considered almost as a pre-requisite in order to become good and loyal citizens. The Greeks educated the young of the polis (cities), by practicing the “paideia”, a system of education carried out by the aristocratic class and were “shaped” with the ideal of kalos kai agathos, "beautiful and good”. In order to achieve both of those aspects, they needed to exercise both the brain and the body. So, in Ancient Greek schools, educators taught children academic subjects such as Philosophy,…show more content…
Of course, giving scholarships would result in the rise of the tuition fee, which doesn’t seem very convenient to other students; but on the other hand, Universities could create at least one mandatory course of a sport activity. The aim of this program would be to encourage the students to achieve a broader education, which is no longer based on learning-skills, but also physical. I understand that some could argue that including those activities would just distract the students from studying and learning the academics. In fact, a member of the New America Foundation, Amanda Ripley said that “the problem is the dishonesty; by mixing sports and academics, we tempt kids into believing that it’s O.K. if they don’t like math or writing — that there is another path to glory”. But, sport doesn’t have to be considered as an alternative to academic subjects; Students still have to pass all of their courses. Sports activities would just be incorporated into the program, without interfering with the rest of the students’ courses at the

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