The Dragon With A Boy Of A Heart Short Story

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Narbeleth the Dragon with a Boy of a Heart "Gather around and listen well, for naught the faint of heart is the tale I'm yet to tell. Everything now you hear is truth, nothing more nor less apart. For this tale is of courage and love, and the Dragon with a Boy of a Heart..." Chapter One: A Boy from nowhere Once there was a boy whose name was Ben. There was nothing particularly special about Ben, least nothing so special that might bid him to stand out in a crowded room. In fact, some might have said that Ben was subliminally normal. This, of course, was simply not true. Like most boys and girls his age, Ben attended school regularly. He was a ninth-year student now, a vastly overwhelming station by comparison to his last, though spare nothing but a…show more content…
Ben rolled his eyes and proceeded to wash his hands and face in the ice-cold water. It was surprisingly refreshing, despite the cold. He turned off the sink and dried off. Drip... All of a sudden, Ben heard a loud dripping noise come from the bath. He spun around with a curious look on his face. He then stepped forward and inspected the bath. It was rather dry, except for a single splash of water near the drain. He bent over and looked up into the bathtub faucet. "Strange..." Ben murmured as he ran a finger around the edge of the faucet. It wasn't uncommon for such things to leak or spill water freely on occasion, but the projection of such an echoing, boisterous drip? "Ben!" his father shouted, "Your dinner's getting cold!" Ben shook his head and stood up, "I must be tied." He flicked off the bathroom light and closed the door, "Coming!" he replied. Ben and his Father ate dinner in silence. Ben toiled his fork over the cold macaroni and half-eaten chicken, "A meal fit for kings..." he thought to himself. "I'm going out tonight." his father said through a mouth half-full of food. "Again?" Ben asked

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