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Define and explicate emic and etic analysis? An emic analysis refers to an “insider’s” perspective towards an internal description or analysis from members within a culture about certain beliefs, attitudes and behaviors. As researchers use an emic approach, personal biases always exist; therefore, being subjective in analyzing a culture is an internal challenge for researchers. An etic analysis, often referred to as “outsider,” is a scientific approach to studying from the outside in that includes a cross-cultural understanding. A researcher that remains “foreign” to a culture while taking an existing theory and applies additional research to different sample population is taking an etic approach. What was Professor Danquah’s “aha” moment with respect to his studies (in Great Britain) on Southeast Asian labor systems. Professor Danquah’s “aha” moment was when he finally realized as an adult how the Ghana cocoa farming industry exploited migrant…show more content…
i.e., what is typically the focus on the emic interpretation? Professor Danquah’s emic sense of reality rested more towards his urban upbringing and college experience in Great Britain than his rural farm life during the summers and weekends in the cocoa fields of Ghana. Though he was raised in two, cross-cultural perspectives, his level of concern or questioning of rural traditions were not deep enough to initially recognize the customs and beliefs that drove the economic realities in Ghana and trigger an etic perspective. His identity reflected his emic upbringing, both urban and rural as he had acquired a cross-cultural perspective and insight at different levels. The tendency in anthropology is to look at the emic as opposed to the underlying infrastructures of a culture that is the

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