Pros And Cons Of Homeschooling

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In addition, public school helps students succeed without the outrageous costs of learning programs. There is an increase in the amount of homeschoolers who are now generating their own course of study or greatly increasing a less formal program with library information instead of buying an entire collection (Scheps). Homeschooling is extremely expensive, and parents do not want to pay the fees of books and learning materials to educate their children. On the other hand, public school gives children a free education without the child's parents left to pay the fee for expensive classes. Not to mention, public schoolers have more opportunities to further their education because of courses offered. In public schools, taxes pay for students’ education,…show more content…
A point to consider are the complete neglect of school work exemplified by numerous overloaded parents. In one instance, a parent sent a teacher a single statement note which inquired him to suggest a math textbook. Nothing else - not how old the child is, no discussion of the child's capabilities or performance level. There was nothing mentioned of the source used at the school (Freeman). Some parents actively choose to do the bare minimal when it comes to homeschooling instead of simply sending their child to public school to achieve an outstanding education. Consequently, a child's education can suffer due to parents irresponsibility to take the schooling seriously. In some cases, children are not getting the education they need because parents are not taking the initiative to teach. In Elizabeth Kenyon’s personal experiences with homeschooling, she states that “[she was] basically [her] own teacher” (Kenyon). No matter what age, kids need guidance and boundaries. By going to public school, students are on a set path learning exactly what they need to know with the help of a teacher. Without parental management, students may not take academics seriously. Motivation for parents and students plays a major role in homeschooling, and without supervision, the motive could be positive or

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