The Importance Of Resilience In Psychology

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2013, p. 2). Mental activity describes acquirement, storing, conversion, and use of the knowledge that take place during the cognition process. Cognition is important to other areas of psychology because people who are experiencing stress or general depression tend to recall memories in a summary way, meaning there is no real detail or extension to the memory. This often happened in the movie, as Will never really went into detail about his childhood outside of the most traumatic experiences that were later discussed when placed into therapy. Another part of cognition is problem solving which can also be attributed to resiliency. Problem solving is the attempts to reach a precise goal while the answer is not directly obvious because you have…show more content…
Resiliency is defined as an individual's ability to properly adapt to stress and adversity. Stress and adversity can come in the shape of family or relationship problems, health problems, or workplace and financial worries, among others. In other words, resilience is one's ability to bounce back from a negative experience with "competent functioning". Will's personality can also be evaluated quite well from the cognitive perspective. His capability in mathematics forces him to think theoretically and envision the numbers as physical constructs. Will is so articulately successful that his shows Prof. Lambeau the answer to a problem that he has worked on for years. Will was able to complete it in a matter of hours. Also, Will's fast thinking and ability to apply his broad strip of knowledge to his everyday life makes him a great example of Kurt Lewin's theory of field independence. The theory suggests that one can understand the observable environment when considering it out of context, a trait that Will demonstrates on numerous occasions. Will, also be similar to the Jean Piaget's "schema" theory in which Will has developed many diverse cognitive and social structures to cope with different…show more content…
The environment includes all the mental, emotional instances, and physical part that is revealed to by the time we are born. The brains stimulus that is from the environments interactions is what helps shape us as we grow and learn. We are constantly learning, especially when we are an infant, and all this knowledge of our surroundings help mold us. Love and affection from other people are vital too. In a study done in 1977 by Albert Bandura, he found that aggression is learned from the environment through imitation and observation. I agree generally with the nurture side because I have seen examples in which experiences of people have made them into who they are today. I find the movie Good Will Hunting a good example of this. Will Hunting is a genius by nature. He was born with incredible talent and it only has helped that he enjoys reading and knowing a lot of this that leads to his vast knowledge. However, for someone that was born with such great brain capability, Will has had a hard life in which cigarettes were put out on him and he was stabbed. These life experiences put him into rage and he pushes people out of his life, like his lover Skyler. You would think (according to nature viewpoint) someone with that immense amount of knowledge by

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