Homosociality Thesis

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Homosexuality Homosexuality is it society doing or a real choice? Homosexuality is otherwise known as homosociality. "The concept of homosociality describes and defines social bonds between persons of the same sex."1. In today society the choice of person's partner is becoming very prevalent we find many person seem to prefer the company of the similar sex to that of the opposite. We wonder why 1. Is it that person find the same sex relationship easier, maybe because the persons have similar taste and can do the same activities 2. Is it that person have a sexual preference that is they are averted and discussed to the other sex 3. Or is it that the 'fashionable' thing to do? It's what everybody is doing so we follow. I would like to explore…show more content…
Person who find the share similar taste and activities one might call them homosexual or gay. It is common for person who spend a lot of time doing activities such as games, having meals together or just 'hanging out' to be perceived as gay. The closeness is not easy to understand, when we come from a society where our parents and fore-parents have drilled us that we must choose a companion of the opposite sex, not taken into account that the chosen companion does not have anything in common with us. Is it fair to be burden with trying extra hard to entertain another when a same sex companion who shares your own interest can adjust faster to a given need. 2. What about the person who is genetically geared differently than what they were born as, why should that person be forced to take a partner of the opposite sex who they are not attracted to or have a sexual interest in. Their bodies are theirs to control not societies and better yet what happen behind closed doors is not society business anyhow. 3. But being the fashionable thing now seems to be the 'norm',…show more content…
What does that mean? Can both men and women where it? There is no distinguishable difference between the two. So how does one know who or what they are. When a boy child is young he is taught to play with cars and trucks, girls are taught to play with dolls and kitchen sets, now children play with anything, boys have dolls in the shape of superheros and girls have cars for the dolls to drive in. Can we say for sure society and the commercial empire is driving our young influential minds to this new phase of sexuality we are facing in society? Lets consider our future if this type of behavior continues, but before we should also remember homosexuality has always been in our society it has always been in the shadows or "in the closet" away from critical minds. If homosexuality were to continue what would society look like, with same sex relationship. It is biologically impossible for two men to procreate and even though the women can, with the help of in-vitro fertilization, they still need men to donate or contribute to the process. Men can adopt children or have a surrogate mother to assist if they want a biological

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