Delays In Construction Project Implementation

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CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1.1 INTRODUCTION Delay is most crucial problems that may we face during construction project implementation. Delay is to make something happen at a later time than originally planned or expected or the not have ability to finish the project within the given time and budget to be a long lasting problem. Delay also can be described by the situation in which you have to wait longer than expected for something to happen, or the time overrun is within completion time that has been agreed in the contract. Malaysia as the developing country which is the construction industry is growing day by day, so in planning and budgeting for construction project may arise some unexpected problems. It is a common problem of a project…show more content…
The construction members must take an action to control the factor of delays during construction process which the number of delays project is increase from time to time. In addition, there have many different of unpredictability of cause when its happen and getting worse. This is due to the construction companies failed to achieve the main objective to complete the project within the given time and budgeted cost. This is also can give negative impact to the output level and loss in value in the workplace. Regarding these problems, with less effort to prevent or minimize this problem will bring to a very negative impact to the company. Besides that, it’s to lead a project to failure. Therefore, project manager and site contractor need to pay serious attention to alleviate it. Thus, this research is to highlight the cause of cost overruns and project delay in the construction industry, and investigate the impact of the factors of the project delay in the construction industry in Malaysia. Based on the findings, researcher can generate the idea and aimed to reduce the severity impact of delays. Furthermore, it can give a good guide to contractor and project manager to become more understanding about the importance of cost and time in a project, alleviate financial and time in order to lead the project…show more content…
- To carry out this study, questionnaire surveys were responded by selected client, consultant and contractor companies that registered with Construction Industrial Development Board Malaysia. In addition, the respondents were randomly selected, and questionnaire is distributed by walk in and email. 1.5 PROJECT INFORMATION Figure 1.1: Framework shows that Relationship between Cost Overrun Factors and Project Delay From this study can be encourage and inspire people about the project delay, and its impact to cost overruns the in the construction industry. This is very helping to people because not much research conducted to describe the relationship between cost overrun factors and project delay. The advantages can get from this research can be the guideline or reference to the project manager, site manager or contractors, to let them understand well how important the impact of the cost overrun factor on the project delay. So, the findings of this study will beneficial to project managers and contractors during conduct construction project. 1.6 STUDY AREA The region of Selangor,

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