Dog Food Case Study

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I have two dogs, Sam and Bud. A border collie and a golden retriever. The commercial dog food recall this past year has completely redefined my thinking regarding what I feed my dogs. As most people did, I just dumped generic commercial dog food in their bowls twice a day, and that was it. My duties as a pet owner had been done, or so I thought. However, with this pet food recall, I had to throw out the food I had been feeding them, and I went out and bought another brand. However, the next week, the new brand I was using also recalled the food, so I had to throw that food out also. I started doing some research, and found out that even before the dog food recall, commercial dog food did not contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals…show more content…
Nothing could be further from the truth. Dogs require a special diet that is in prepackaged dog food. Several owners have recently opted to make their own dog food, with the recent recall of many manufacturers food due to tainted ingredients and manufacturers not being required to conform to set standards. The following are eight tips in choosing the right dog food. 1. Reading the label of the dog food is important. Ingredients listed in the order of quantity. The first ingredient will be more prevalent than the next. Some people find the list of ingredients as foreign as a new language. For your dogs's health and longevity, you will need to understand this list. The least amount of preservatives listed in the ingredients, the better the health of your dog. 2. The age, size and breed of your dog should determine the type, quantity and ingredients in their food. A younger dog has more requirements than a full-grown dog. The health of your dog and any illnesses will also determine the type and quantity of food that your dog requires. Many ailments require different types of food that will deep your dog healthy longer. 3. Due to the many recent dog food recalls by manufacturers many dog owners have decided to make their own dog food. The important factor here is to get all the required nutrients and ingredients in the food to insure your dog remains healthy. 4. Foods containing chocolate, sugars and dairy products are not good for your dog as these can cause serious health problems. 5. Foods containing proteins for your dog are the most desirable. Red meats and chicken are good choices while pork and pork by-products are not to be included in their diet. 6. Your dog should get a specific amount of nutrients, vitamins and vegetables that are in premium dog food and not often included in homemade products in the proper quantities. 7. Feeding your dog the proper amount of vitamins, nutrients, protein

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