Organizational Behavior: Johnson & Johnson's Approach To Human Resource Management

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Organisational behaviour (OB) is focused on the way individuals interrelate inside groups. The study is normally applied in a tentative to generate more effective and efficient organizations. The main idea of OB is based on the application of the scientific approach to the management of workers. Organizational behaviour concepts are used for human resource drives to maximize the output from individuals. Values can be understood as a person’s sense of wrong or right or what ought to be. Workplace values are the guiding principles that are most important to each individual about the way that he/she works. They are deeply held principles to choose between right and wrong ways of working, and they help one make important decisions and career choices. An…show more content…
If your organisation is more focused on developing high potentials, or more senior people, then you could risk losing future talent if you fail to engage millennials with development opportunities. Build and measure the effectiveness of mentoring programmes alongside other learning and education. Consider allocating projects to talented millennials which fall outside their day job. Let them connect, collaborate, build their networks – and most of all innovate. In an increasingly globalised world, international experience is seen by millennials as a vital element to a successful career. Johnson & Johnson formed its first-ever generational affinity group, the Millennials, to help raise understanding of the generation and to encourage inclusion across all generations. The group serves as an educational resource and awareness advocate about Millennials’ culture and characteristics, empowers and supports Millennials’ professional growth and success, and works to establish relationships between Millennials and all other employees to encourage a deeper understanding of the Millennial population. The group is open for everyone—not just Millennials—to

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