Personal Narrative Essay: My Mother's Trip To The Child

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"We no longer have him anymore…" my dad said crying. I took a minute to process it. Couple minutes later I bursted into tears wanting to know why. Where he went. Why him and not any other dog. I wanted him back my cuddle buddy. My friend that was always there when I needed to let something off my chest. My mom, sister, aunt, cousin and I were at the beach the week before, my dad stayed home to work on the hardwood floors after our pipes bursted that past winter. That week we were having the best girls trip ever. Throughout the week my mom and aunt were hiding something from me I could tell. I kept asking they kept denying. We had been on our ride home and I had asked again, my mom said you’ll find out when you get home I didn’t think much of it. The trip was officially over and got home. I went to the library every Tuesday and Thursday to help the librarian out for special guest and story hour. I had told my parents I was going to the library to help, but before I went I asked what they wanted to tell me, they said "not to worry about it go have fun". I went to the library and that weeks special guest was Emily Eblin who is a dog groomer in Centerburg. She had given things out for each of us to take home to use on our dogs. I was soooooo excited to go home and see my dog and try all the free things out. My parents stopped me as soon as I came in the house. I was very skeptical about what they wanted to tell me. My dad started to tear up as we sat down. He tried to catch a breath and told me we had to put Jake my dog down. I had no…show more content…
Although I knew they would always be with me and looking down at me. A year or two later we had gotten a new dog. He was a rescue and only a year old. I told myself multiple times I was not allowed to replace Jake and Abby, that they would always be my number one. Mac our new dog was so lovey to me I loved

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