Personal Narrative Essay: Growing Up In My Childhood

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I can do this… I've done it so many times before. But this time was different. I was married and pregnant, and moving into the house where my children would grow up. I couldn't tell if the feeling in my stomach was butterflies, or my baby kicking my belly. I was six months along, and couldn't wait to meet my baby. Μy husband and I had decided that we wanted to be living in our own, spacious house when our first child was born. We also decided to move ourselves. Big mistake. We had to move everything from our apartment into our old Volkswagen, across town, to our new house; however, I was excited and nervous for the new journey in my life. I had moved about six times before this, all through grade school. The hardest move ever was during ninth grade, and I knew nothing was going to be as bad as that. It was…show more content…
We had hired some workers to come and make our yard look amazing. They were coming out to build three things; a sandbox, a swing set, and a giant structure that we planned on calling “The Climber”. The sandbox was designed so it would have seats all around it, so you could play with the sand without actually going in the sand. The giant swing set had three swings and a slide coming off of the side. The structure was like a tree house: it had slats on it that could be fixed into a picnic table, and it was a place I envisioned my children and their friends playing. Another thing I really liked about it was you could set up a tent on it, and spend the night under the stars. I snapped out of my daydreams, and realized how dark it had gotten. My husband and I simultaneously got up and washed off our plates. After, he finished setting up our bed and I climbed in, exhausted. It had been a long and eventful day: just what I imagined. I was so happy to be in our new house, even with all of the clutter and boxes. This was definitely the best move

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