Personal Narrative Essay: A Boy Was I Wrong?

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I never thought I’d be anything more than just a nerd. A mathlete, Star Wars loving, geeky nobody. Boy was I wrong. My story has many more plot twists within it, but that’s not where I want to start. Let’s go back to the very beginning. It started off as just a normal day. I woke up to my obnoxious alarm blaring in my ear. I rise throwing on my clothes, swinging my backpack on my arms, and walking out the door. I slightly skip towards my school, happily moving along. Today seemed like a good day. I arrived at my old and dilapidated school, listening to the mindless esoteric conversations of my classmates, as I entered the crowded halls. I walk towards my locker carefully, hoping that a certain somebody wouldn’t see me. I open my locker slowly getting my books out one by one. I turn around closing my locker about to claim victory, as Grey Goodman, my merciless bully shoved my books out of my hand roughly. A couple of snickers arose from nearby classmates, making me feel completely weak and vulnerable. I head to my class tiredly, feeling my emotional state take a drastic turn. Grey Goodman is arguably the most popular guy in school. He's your…show more content…
For the most part it worked, but this was not my main focus. My main focus was my newly found power. I used it for useless things: getting extra food from the cafeteria, escaping awkward situations, and other non-significant matters. My power became the coolest, most interesting thing in my life. I walked down the crowded halls when I spotted Alec, who had been avoiding me since I had offended him. I ran towards Alec in hope to reconcile our friendship. “Hey.” I said unsure of what to say. “Hey yourself.” He snapped. “Look I don’t wanna fight. I just came to ask if you wanted to build a Lego Death Star?” I took out a box containing 3,803 Legos. He would never refuse the a chance to do anything Star Wars related. He said yes, and with that our friendship was

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