Personal Narrative Essay: Walking A Dog Through The Feild

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yesterday my cousin and i went to walk our puppies after they had done eaten to go poo.we walking the dogs through the feild and then we started playing with them so they can be tired.we walked the dogs through the bricks too play with the kids and while that was happening we had went to bring them home,but instead we walked them a lil lil brother had ask me was i ging get the dogs and i told him yea and he told us too bring them back so he can play with we went back to the bricks cause my lil brother wanted to play with them and they got tired so we put them up.when we put them up they had a man that said that he was looking for somebody to bye a dog from and we left to go and meet him. once we left to go and meet him the dogs was acting up and we kept stoping and when we was in the feild the dos had went in the ditch. so we had to go and get them and we kept taking up all that time getting them.well my cousin dog aint have no leash so he was the first to go in.once we got them out we wooped them cause they wasnt listening to us and i had started walking towards the man house.while we were walking my cousin dog is lose so you know he was trying to get his dog to stop wondering.when he got the dog we started walking and he had saw two big police looking

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