Personal Narrative Essay: The Drowsiest Day Of My Life

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I never realized how boring lying in bed all day could be until I've been forced to. There has been literally nothing to do since I was released from the hospital—six days ago—except watch videos on my phone, watch TV, and talk to Tyler where possible. He gave me his number in case I need him. He hasn't come over for two days. The weekend must have kept him busy. I hate Monday's. They're like the gloomiest, drowsiest day of the week. I need a little sunshine in my life. "Knock knock." My head whips around as I hear two gentle raps on my door. Looks like sunshine decided to pay a little visit. "Tyler!" I beam. The brown-haired boy fails at hiding a grin and comes to sit at the foot of my bed. "I'm so glad you came. I'm soooooo bored!"…show more content…
I want to hear one." I blush. "I've sung two to you already," Tyler chuckles. "You have?" He nods. "Oh Ms Believer and the new one I'm working on called Trees." "Well, sing me another one. Please?" I make puppy dog eyes. He laughs. "I don't have my ukulele." "Kristen has one. Hang on." I stand up and walk into my sister's room. I take the ukulele off of its stand in the corner and return to my room. "See, now you can't make excuses." I shove the ukulele into his hands. "Now play!" •Tyler• I never knew that Jenna would take an interest in my band. It fills me with excitement, yet anxiety. She's only heard two of your songs. She probably won't even like the rest. She'll think they're too depressing. "Tyler? Are you...are you going to play?" Jenna asks anxiously. "Oh...yeah." I strum the first chord on the ukulele. "This one is called 'House of Gold.'" I start strumming a C chord. "She asked me,'Son, when I grow old "'Will you buy me a house of gold? "'And when your father turns to stone "'Will you "'Take care "'Of me?'" I continue to sing and eventually come to the end of the song. "I

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