Personal Narrative Essay: My Favorite Night Of The Day

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Lexi was already outside waiting for me as I pulled up into her garage. She was wearing diminutive cotton shorts and a hoodie, culminating off the look with fluffy duck slippers. I shook my head at how bizarre she was, ever since that day a few years back when we came across a duck pond and we had fallen in love with the place, she had gotten a very strange and unexplainable obsession with the peculiar animals. That day was probably the first sign for me to run as fast as I could, but it was too late as she had already cemented our friendship and I would have to deal with her comically odd mood swings, peculiar quirks and the many other idiosyncrasies including her duck fetish. She was grinning widely as this was her favourite night of the week, albeit the destination varied between our small…show more content…
We all genuinely appreciated these sleepovers more than we liked to let on because we could just confide in our group of friends and trust to have each other's backs. As we pulled apart she pulled back to check out the attire that I had chosen for the night. I had just pulled on my favourite sweatpants and a tank top, wearing my fuzziest pair of socks to consummate the look. "Wow girl you look hot, if I had even half your bum and boobs." She shook her head and pouted. "You are the reason for all my insecurities but I adore you anyway" In all honesty, Lexi would be the last person you would expect to have insecurities. She was happy and comfortable with the way she looked and she didn't care what other people thought of her. She wouldn't mine if getting what she wanted inconvenienced a few people along the way and truthfully, I was the same way. That was probably why we got along so well. She linked our arms and led me to the living room where my other three best-friends where sprawled onto the couch, leaving just enough space for Lexi and I to sit. I smiled at the sight of my three idiot

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