Personal Narrative Essay: How I Could Change

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I DESPISED change, I always thought that change was always bad, I wanted to keep everything the same. I wanted to stay with my owners, I never wanted to leave my home, but of course, nothing stays the same forever… My owners were acting strange, they were being really nice to me more than usual, they talked about going somewhere but I never understood the rest of what they were saying. I sat on the couch everyday listening to what the owners were saying so I could find out what they were planning, I never was able to find out until it was too late. One morning while I was resting on the couch one of my owners were on the phone and seemed to be in a good mood afterwards, it was really strange and it made me both worried and curious to who…show more content…
I woke up when I heard my owner say the words “Adopt Muppet”, my eyes opened and ears perked turning to the 2 ladies, I was terrified of what could happen , or who could be adopting me. I couldn’t stop panicking as my 2 owners had plane tickets and suitcases in their hands, planning on leaving to a new home, they might have been ready but I wasn’t. A knock came from the door and when it opened, their stood 2 people, one with dirty blonde hair and another with a baseball cap with glasses. I tilted my head looking at them with my big puppy eyes, the little girl with dirty blonde hair looked at me and smiled seeing my big eyes, I wished I could have smiled back. The ballcap guy and one of my owners were talking as the little girl pet my head, it felt nice until the ball cap guy picked me up and stood at the exit, my anxiety rose by a lot and I started to shiver. After a while the man brought me to a yellow van, putting me in the backseat with the girl. As they drove away from my old home I was shaking and whimpering missing my old family, the girl sat next to me and was petting my head softly, it calmed me down a bit. When we got to the house the girl brought me inside and I

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