Personal Narrative Essay: New York Vs. Texas

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New York vs. Texas Just because I have lived in Texas for most of my life doesn’t mean I have enjoyed it. My first adventures in New York consisted of many different things starting with my voyage on a subway, then my exploration into Times Square, figuring out how walking is critical in a typical New Yorkers day and finally accustoming to a new cultural lifestyle. My neck hurt for weeks after coming to New York City. As soon as the plane landed, Times Square was on my mind. Walking down the subway steps there was a band playing AC/DC “Highway to Hell”. While watching I noticed the band was made up of homeless people banging on pots and pans with sticks singing. I was standing in the crowd around them taking in the culture of all the New Yorkers passing by in suits and holding brief cases by…show more content…
It was obvious who the tourists were because their heads were also in the sky. The weather was something that scarred me, living in Texas most my life didn’t get me ready for the New York cold. It was so cold that the tip of my nose was numb and red and the hair on my legs felt like it was growing at lightning speed. Everyone around me was bundled up in layers, gloves, scarves, hats and there I was some girl from Houston Texas wearing one layer of leggings a long sleeve t-shirt and a coat. It’s extremely nice here in the summer time but the winter is going to be unbearable for me. Even though I was born in Ohio and lived in Germany this is a totally different type of cold. It’s indescribable, it’s just freezing! The difference is the wind, the wind here is much stronger and can even blow you off your feet if you’re not paying attention. Just last month when I was here for the second time in my life and was here to stay everyone around me was complaining about the heat and the humidity and I just sat there thinking about what it was like in

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