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The Use of Survey Tools to Promote Caring in Nursing “Effective use of an interpersonal tool, such as advocacy, enhances the care-giving environment.” (Selanders, L., Crane, P., 2012) This quote shows the importance of using advocacy as a tool to promote caring in the healthcare field. In light of modern healthcare striving for more holistic patient-centered care, it is important to encourage the use of tools that will focus on the patient’s perception of care and provide the nurse with a resource to help them advocate for their patient. A valuable tool that would fulfill this is a survey. We used the article, Defining a Caring Hospital by Using Implemented Survey Tools, to underline the importance of the survey tool in the hospital. We applied…show more content…
The patient, A.B., is a 30-year-old welder who suffered 3rd degree burns to 80% of his body from a gas plant explosion in 2013. The responses to the survey from A.B. are a reflection of his extensive hospital experience. The responses to the survey include his perception of the collaboration with the multiple healthcare professionals involved in his care. A.B. was given the opportunity to rate the importance of each carative factor, answer questions pertaining to each factor, as well as the opportunity to narratively reflect. The patient indicated how he highly valued aspects of caring such as trust, hope, creative problem solving, genuine unity, and a healing environment. Our survey tool was able to indicate which factors were and were not supported by the healthcare team. The results of the survey proved to be valuable insight to understanding the importance of patient…show more content…
Theories such as Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring are being implemented into hospitals to provide better patient centered care. These hospitals are called Magnet-designated facilities and are required to deliver care based on a nursing theory (Jennings, N., 2010). Survey tools can help to facilitate compliance, increase participation, and validate the caring process (Jennings, N., 2010). Examples of some survey tools that can be used are The Caring Factors Survey (CFS) and the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS), which both measure the patient’s perception of care. The latter of the two also focuses more specifically on cleanliness, communication, pain management, and responsiveness of staff (Jennings, N., 2010). The results of these surveys can also be shared with the public. This article shows the benefits of the survey tool to advance caring in the

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