Gibbs Reflective Cycle

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Introduction Reflecting on previous clinical log experiences, now I apply stages of Gibbs reflective cycles such as description, feeling, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and action plan to reflect on this medication error. As we know about medication error is very serious condition and can cause harm to the patient, medication error can prolong hospitalization and others complication happen. Each year statistic show high incident occur in hospital setting is medication error. What happen? Issues happen due to the shortage of staff causing workload increase by 1 staff nurse take care on 2 to 3 patient. According to Cheragi, Manoocheri, & Ehsani,( 2013) stated that medication error s more likely occur from the nurses due to tiredness, careless,…show more content…
Management side can send staff to attend education and training about administer of drug, this can increase staff confident level, extra careful during administer drug and more educated about effect of drug and action to be taken. As a team leader should firm with decision, check on team member work, and delegate the job, reinforce about important of team work by help each others to finish task, deliver care to the patient. Lastly, during shortage of staff, all nurses should know about important of time management, plan nursing care follow priority to deliver care to the…show more content…
Give her a rest in between work, reinforce of team work and always remember on patient safety during administer of drug. References Cheragi, A. M., Manoocheri, H., & Ehsani, S. (2013). Types and causes of medication errors from nurse’s viewpoint. Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research,18(3), 228-231. Nursing Board Malaysia (1998). Code of professional conduct for nurses. Retrieved from: board malaysia- code_of professional_conduct_1998.pdf Joint Commission International Accreditation Standard For Hospital (4th ed), (2011, January 1)International Patient Safety Goals. Retrieved form:

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