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  • Mexican Drug Cartel Research Paper

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    It is an intriguing idea that drug cartels are not just trafficking drugs but now also involving innocent people lives. The problem are not just the drugs anymore, but the fact the drug cartels are over powering the government, causing panic in Mexican towns, murdering citizens and the list goes on. The government is even turning to corruption to try to halt these kidnaps, deaths, addictions, etc. Drug trafficking became popular in Columbia around the early 1960’s to 1970’s and from there on new

  • Persuasive Essay On Pit Bulls

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    “Dog fighting made a comeback in the eighties, and the Pit Bull is the dog of choice. It is also the preferred guard dog for drug dealers and gangs, with a hugely publicized attack in 1987 in which a Pit Bull guarding a marijuana crop in California mauls and kills a two-and-a-half year-old boy.” These two stories showing that the ways these dogs were taught and raised is how they acted toward people. But before the 1980’s Pits were a popular breed, America loved this breed

  • Compare And Contrast Democrats And Republicans

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    gun control, gay marriage, cannabis, abortion, even “hate crime” legislations ( The Republicans are more traditional and conservative so they oppose gun control, support “traditional family values” (oppose same-sex marriage), against marijuana, abortion, and obviously, “hate crime” legislations. Abortion is the most sensitive issue on the list; the case Roe v. Wade is supported by Democrats and opposed by Republicans. Ever since the separation between church and state, public schools stopped

  • Case Study: Why Can Plain-View Searches Be Called Non-Search

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    1. Why can plain-view searches be called non-searches? Identify and describe the situations when the three conditions of the plain-view doctrine apply.

 Plain view searches occur when an officer uses ordinary senses such as touching, hearing, seeing and smelling to discover evidence or contraband, while under lawful observation. In such a situation, the police officer has the right to seize the item with incriminating value without prior warrant or authority. It occurs in the plain view; it is

  • A Deadly Summer In The Cities Summary

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    Title The Washington Post’s editorial board is composed of eight writers, who frequently write editorials and columns, and recently came together to publish an article titled “A Deadly Summer in the Cities”. The article takes on a very serious tone, intending to inform the public of recent crime rates in some of the big cities around the country and attempts to analyze them, even though city leaders are struggling to figure it out themselves. They mention cases like Tenika Fontanelle and Ferguson

  • Vito Rizzuto Research Paper

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    Although a high school drop out, this man was intelligent. Vito Rizzuto was a man of many talents. “From his birth he was groomed to be a good Mafioso,”(Riga, 2013) respected but also feared. When his father was sent to jail for trafficking, it was his time for Vito to take over as boss, and he knew how to display himself as the man in charge. It was business and that is exactly how he saw it and as long as there was some money to be made, he could get anyone align themselves with him. Vito was a

  • Tom Robbins Still Life With Woodpecker

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    While writing Still Life With Woodpecker, Tom Robbins spent much of his time connecting with his fictional character, Leigh-Cheri, through the use of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) and other hallucinogenic drugs such as marijuana. Through the writing process and the hallucinations mainly from LSD, Leigh-Cheri became a real person over time for Robbins and he had a seemingly intimate relationship with her. Leigh-Cheri was the reason Robbins originally raised the question, “Who knows how to make

  • Barbara Boxer Research Paper

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    she fought back against attacks on women’s health and right to privacy. She is pro-choice and against all kinds of discrimination from sexual orientation to gender identity like I am. Although I don’t like the fact that she was against reforming marijuana policy, she’s pretty well off on the more important

  • ARA Causes And Consequences

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    While many studies report that ARA is associated with adverse outcomes, such as poor mental health, substance abuse, and teen pregnancy, their designs preclude assessment of whether associations are a cause or consequence of ARA (Exner-Cortens, Eckenrode, & Rothman, 2013). Given the important distinction between cause and consequence, we herein highlight those studies that make note of this difference even if they are unable to determine causality. [this could also be a footnote…] Using longitudinal

  • Weeknd Poem Meaning

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    “And I know she’ll be the death of me / at least we’ll both be numb… I can’t feel my face when I’m with you / but I love it” (The Weeknd, “Can’t Feel My Face”). Throughout this song, The Weeknd, a Canadian singer, songwriter, and producer, personifies an addictive drug as a girl who he loves and cannot live without. His reference to him not feeling his face is a double entendre, with his smiling numbing his face while the effects of the drug actually do the paralyzing (“What Does ‘Can’t Feel My Face’