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  • Essay On Disparity In Laws

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    of culture and customs become quickly evident. Not just food, accents and clothing but also the laws by which folks in different states live their lives. For example, in some states it’s okay to carry a gun on your hip, drive faster or even smoke marijuana in public. So, if our fifty states are truly united, why the huge disparity in laws and regulations? It boils down to twenty eight simple words. However, concentrating exclusively on Washington D.C. is dangerous and short sighted. Why? It boils

  • Essay On Why Alcohol Should Be Banned

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    “Should Alcohol Be Banned?” The Marijuana Tax Act, was passed in 1937 stating that marijuana is dangerous to the body and can cause individuals to harm others. This became a gateway to other drugs like: cocaine, heroin and ecstasy to be banned, yet alcohol is one of the most abused substance and still legal. It has too much power, in which it can control people’s inhibitions and actions in a negative way, not to mention the health risk and decomposition of one’s body. Alcohol is detrimental to mental

  • Racial Profiling In Canada

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    The survey results presented in this paper suggest that a similar process of racialisation exists within the Canadian police environment. According to our results, blacks are over three times more likely to experience multiple police stops than whites or Asians and are three times more likely to report being searched during these police encounters. Black males appear to be particularly vulnerable to police stop and search practices. Black respondents

  • Jury Trial Research Paper

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    prosecutors is known as a plea bargain. The settlement between a prosecutor and the defendant permits more time and funds for other cases, in order to lessen the amount of trials judges are required to oversee. After immigration agents found 30 kg of marijuana in her luggage prosecutors offered defendant, Angela Ruiz, a plea bargain. According to the bargain, Ruiz would have received a reduced sentencing in trade for any knowledge related to any other witnesses

  • Summary Of Tweens By Hymowitz

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    was a normal thing to do at that age. The counselors have even seen girls in the 6th grade pregnant but it all seems like “oh look, how cute she is pregnant” as if it is no big deal. Her third problem is kids doing drugs and alcohol. Kids smoke marijuana and they do not see it as a bad thing; to them is just a normal thing to do at their age. That is why she thinks that parents are unaware of the behavior these children are having. As well as maybe they do know what their children are doing. They

  • Essay On Forensic Hair

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    One of the most occurrent types of evidence found in a crime scene is hair. Forensic hair analysis is able to determine a specific suspect at the crime scene or exclude a suspect. Physical contact is one of the ways that hairs are able to be transferred, and the type of hair is important when collecting evidence. Forensic hair analysis, which is also known as hair drug testing, is used for the detection of many therapeutic drugs and recreational drugs including cocaine, heroin, benzodiazepines and

  • War On Drugs

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    The federal government has become increasingly involved in our lives. Constantly pushing for stricter measures it seems towards non violent crimes. Although seemingly in good intention, it is evident as usual that many of the politicians are out of touch and outdated with their methods of policing and incarcerating non violent crime offenders. It has never been a better time to work towards decriminalizing nonviolent crimes. Our current system is clearly broken, kids deserve second chances and how

  • Bill Murray Research Paper

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    Bill Murray has affected many people because of the way he lived his life; he made many people laugh, and he was a great actor. He also made many funny movies that was a great hit to many. He affected people by showing them that there is always a smile in something. And the way he lived his life many people thought he wasn’t going to be such a great hit but he changed that. Bill Murray was born in Illinois, born on September 21, 1950 (bio .com). His parents had five kids he was the fifth one

  • Doopen Meaning

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    The meaning of words often develop as the culture of the speakers advance through the stages of time. As time progresses words become lost to translation or distorted into an otherwise different meaning. Throughout its two century shelf life the meaning of “dope” has remained surprisingly constant. Although, not all of the meanings are similar, it all begins with the Dutch word doopen. According to Oxford dictionary, “doopen” which is the origin of dope meant to dip or mix, and is not very different

  • College Dropout Rates

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    people around them doing things that they want to try to. So far 30 cities have reported an increase in crimes. “New Orleans had 120 people murdered in one year,” quoted by New York Times. At the same time, drugs have become more popular especially, marijuana where it has been debated to make it legal. This has been a problem for teens and young adults, according to the article Nationwide