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  • Teen Gun Violence Thesis Statement

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    Teen Gun Violence Teenage gun violence is illegal violence involving a teenager (thirteen – eighteen) these illegal actions include murder, robbery, burglary, drug dealing and/or using and many more “Firearms are the weapon of choice in most homicides (86 percent) committed by juveniles.” (Wilson, 1). Thesis Statement: Teen gun violence is the second leading cause in teen death in the United States. When it comes to teenage gun violence gangs are one of the leading origins. “A gang is a group of

  • Homelessness In Australia Essay

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    The country I choose to research is Australia. In Australia there is an estimated 105,237 people are homeless. Of those there are 56 % male , 44 % are female, 12% are children under the age of 12 and 25% ( 26,7444) are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians (Indigenous homelessness ). 30% are born overseas, A large percentage of them are staying in boarding house, and temporary shelters. 39% of people who are experiencing homelessness are living in severely overcrowded dwellings and

  • A Long Way Gone Essay

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    The story took place in Sierra Leone, a place where democracy is now being slowly re-established after the civil war. It is located in western Africa. The war started from 1991 to 2002, killing thousands of lives of innocent people. Towns and cities were destroyed. Children were taken away from their families and were forced to work and become child soldiers. Women became sex slaves and were forced to work for the rebel groups to provide them their fundamental needs. Before reading the book called

  • How Does Tobacco Affect Teens

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    The toxic chemicals pollute both the soil and the water. The use of tobacco has also been directly tied to other damaging activities, such as excessive drinking and the use of marijuana and cocaine. Teens who smoke are more likely to drink underage, get in fights, and commit crimes. Statistics show that the majority of teens who do not smoke have ambitions to go to college and begin successful careers. Many teens who do smoke report

  • Religious Symbols In Raymond Carver's Cathedral

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    his stories. When I read one of Carver’s story named “Cathedral” which is the one of his famous story, and one where we can find a lot of religion symbols. The story is about two men; sitting in one room, talking, drinking scotch and even smoking marijuana. One of them whose name is Robert he is completely blind, the other is husband of wife who invite Robert to their house. Carver’s characters in all his stories could either be him or people he knows really well, in this story narrator is a Raymond

  • Stereotypical Blindness In Raymond Carver's Cathedral

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    Raymond Carver planted a message into the mind of his audience that imagination prevents stereotypical blindness. This message is important because Carver touched on a current problem that we face in our daily lives known as prejudice. This problem is caused by stereotype disease and the cure for it is imagination because people will be more sensitive to how others feel. In “Cathedral”, Carver showed how Bub, as a sighted person, was struggling with stereotypical blindness and Robert, as a blind

  • Organized Crime Canada Essay

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    INTRODUCTION The purpose of this paper will be to critically analyze the concept of organized crime in Canada. Several definitions of organized crime will be given in order to create an understanding of the extensive nature of this concept. The social network approach, a common and reoccurring theory mentioned throughout the literature on organized crime, will be examined. A description of the various forms of organized crime will be discussed along with a deeper look into its link to street

  • The Hippie Movement During The Late 1960's

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    hippies as dirty druggies, that were dead beats, avoiding the draft. Some even thought hippies were part a cults, because of their open views. Such as “Free love”, “ Make love, not war.” People also despised Hippies support of the recreational use of marijuana and LSD. The felt that they were trying to brainwash the younger generation

  • Biochemistry Personal Statement

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    subject, I aim to achieve my target grades of an A in biology and a C in chemistry as well as getting a distinction in BTEC sub dip finance and already having a merit in BTEC sub dip science. I have also got a B in my EPQ, "The Medicinal Uses of Marijuana". When carrying out the research for this project, I have had to study independently and be critical of the sources, I also had stay open minded about the subject and take into consideration the many different

  • How Did Pablo Escobar Influence

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    his friends and family that he wanted to be the president of Columbia, but he instead went the less noble route and began a life of crime starting as a street thief, stealing cars among other things. He later moved onto smuggling cigarettes and marijuana and this was during the “Malboro Wars”, which was valuable training for his smuggling career (source A). he worked under a man named Alvaro Prieto, a contraband smuggler from Medellin (source D). This helped Escobar become a millionaire by just 22