Compare And Contrast Democrats And Republicans

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One of the greatest irony in the United States is the noun, “United”. According to Oxford Dictionary, “United” means “joined together politically, for a common purpose, or by common feelings”. Obviously, the Two-Party system somewhat contradicts the nation’s name. Sure, they share a common ground on some platforms, but for the most part, Democrats and Republicans are the exact opposite of each other. Democrats are left-wing liberals and Republicans are right-wing conservatives. The two parties differ in economic, social, and foreign policy issues and elected candidates are not necessarily bound to stay within their party parameters. One of the biggest variance between the two parties is economy. Democrats strives to heighten the federal minimum wage and that tax rates should be correlated to individual incomes (, while the Republicans believe that “wages should be set by the free market” ( and taxes should be uniform for everyone. On the contrary, disregarding the…show more content…
Since the Democrats are liberals, they basically tolerate almost all of the current sensitive social issues such as gun control, gay marriage, cannabis, abortion, even “hate crime” legislations ( The Republicans are more traditional and conservative so they oppose gun control, support “traditional family values” (oppose same-sex marriage), against marijuana, abortion, and obviously, “hate crime” legislations. Abortion is the most sensitive issue on the list; the case Roe v. Wade is supported by Democrats and opposed by Republicans. Ever since the separation between church and state, public schools stopped making grace a mandatory portion of the day. Republicans favors prayers in public schools while democrats would like to make that optional during the “minute of silent”. This simply proves that society-wise, the two parties are the exact opposites of each other, it is very easy for voters to pick a

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