Mexican Drug Cartel Research Paper

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It is an intriguing idea that drug cartels are not just trafficking drugs but now also involving innocent people lives. The problem are not just the drugs anymore, but the fact the drug cartels are over powering the government, causing panic in Mexican towns, murdering citizens and the list goes on. The government is even turning to corruption to try to halt these kidnaps, deaths, addictions, etc. Drug trafficking became popular in Columbia around the early 1960’s to 1970’s and from there on new cartels began to branch out to other parts of the world. This paper is going to be more focused on the Mexican cartels and how they are affecting the towns and citizens of Mexico. The problem wanting to be solved overall is getting rid of the drug cartels,…show more content…
His own father introduced him to the drug business. Little did he know that later on he would be the leader of his father’s cartel known as the “Sinaloa Cartel” and is now “the most powerful drug lord in the world” (Basu, 2015). He did not earn this title only because of the amount of drug he sold but also because of the fact that he has outsmarted the government more than enough times. Another cartel leader, Carillo Fuentes, also known as El Señor De Los Cielos. Carillo Fuentes later on began to form his own cartel called “Juarez Cartel”, causing a Mexican drug war to begin. Which is still going on till this day and has now made Mexico very dangerous to even be walking outside alone on your own at night. These cartels are only two of the many drug cartels out there. But they are not just at war with themselves; they are also affecting the lives of all Mexican’s in one way or another. There are families that are broken apart because of their involvement in these cartels. The simple fact of having a relative in a cartel puts the entire family at risk of death and addictions. Whether it be a cousin or a cousin’s friend’s boyfriend. These

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