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  • Social Work Case Summary

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    positive self-talk into her daily regime for the next six months to decrease feelings of worthlessness and increase her self-concept. Fifthly, Sarah will decrease her alcohol consumption to 1-2 drinks per week. Finally, Sarah will decrease her marijuana use to 1-2 times per week over the next six months to

  • Bath Salts

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    Alcohol: Alcohol is a depressant derived from the fermentation of natural sugars in fruits, vegetables and grains. These are brewed and distilled into a wide range of beverages with various alcohol contents. Bath Salts: A synthetic stimulant, typically in the form of a white or brown crystalline powder that contains one or more chemicals that are physically similar to amphetamines and MDMA (ecstasy), but whose effects on the human brain are not fully known yet. Because the drug is new and some of

  • Tim O Brien Character Analysis Essay

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    O'Brien said that he used to carry around tranquilizers and marijuana to soothe his anxiety. Lavender gets shot in the head and this death leaves a heavy burden on the Lieutenant. Additionally, O'Brien speaks about Curt Lemon who got killed by stepping on a mortar round. The death that impacts O'Brien the most is that

  • Case Study: Montana V. Montana

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    alcohol and consuming cocaine while in the hotel’s room. Then they left hotel and headed to South Beach where Montana parked his car behind the fire hydrant. Officer observed the parking violation and approached Montana. When doing so, officer noticed marijuana odor from Montana’s vehicle. Officer demanded the search of the vehicle; Montana permitted.

  • Mary Jane: Substance Use Disorders

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    Mary Jane is a 28 year old Australian female who is a computer programmer that has a substance abuse problem for about 10 years. Research states that “The onset of cannabis use disorder can occur at any time during or following adolescence, but onset is most commonly during adolescence or young adulthood” (APA, 2013, p.513). She started smoking cannabis when she was a teenager and carried into college. Although, Mary Jane smokes a lot it has become a part of her daily routine. Due to the fact that

  • Designer Drugs

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    The sound of an egg being cracked on the the side of a pan and it sizzling from the heat usually brings forth memories of breakfast and a delicious cheese omelette made by a parent. Eggs are used during Easter to symbolize new beginnings and birth and they support the hatching of a new chicken with the nutritious yoke. In the same way, in one of the most famous anti-drug campaigns the egg was used to show what happens to the brain when individuals are under the influence of narcotics. The thirty

  • Alcohol And Media Usage

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    Is There A Link Between Media And Drug And Alcohol Usage? There are usually several factors that lead to a person becoming a drug and alcohol addict. Media is one of the possible factors that can lead to drug and alcohol use. There have been quite a few studies done to examine the link between the media and drug and alcohol usage. How Media Can Lead To Drug And Alcohol Usage The media often glamorizes drug and alcohol usage. You can hear about drug and alcohol usage when you turn on the radio

  • The Pros And Cons Of Prison Reform

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    Parenti explain the transition from prison reform movements in the 1970s to mass incarceration in the next decades the reason is because funding was mishandled and not used for helping the inmates for life after prisons things such as clinics, libraries, work-training programs, programs to prepare inmates for release. This method was little to none existent so prison became overflowed and the conditions inside the prisons were poor with which was mainly a problem for both north and south prisons

  • 4.5 Money Laundering

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    Solicitor-client privilege, nominees, and legal trust accounts are not uncommon or exclusive to criminal organisations . It also gives the criminals a place to live and work, with some houses being used for the cultivation of marijuana or the manufacture of synthetic drugs . Renting out the property also allows the criminal to hide money as rental income

  • Representation Of Minorities In Film

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    Representation Matters Whether people realize it or not, media shapes their personalities by exposing them to select viewpoints and contexts. When the entertainment industry portrays minorities in specific situations, it can influence people’s perception of those minorities because people tend to comprehend their characteristics through visual and aural interactions. This one-dimensional characterization has closed off the true, multi-faceted culture of these minorities. For example, Hispanics are